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 A.S. TRADE, Ltd. - Specialist in supporting logistics of your export and import activities with Commonwealth of Independent Countries {C.I.S.}

Company limited by liability A.S. TRADE was founded in 1993. Company is registered at Commercial Court Košice I, under odd. Sro, vl. No. 4885/V.

The company is dealing in services aiming to support import and export activities of trading partners from the European union and C.I.S. countries, mainly those from Ukraine, Russian federation and countries of Central Asia. The main task is to solve the problems related to:

  • The transfer of consignments between narrow/broad railways (reloading of goods),

  • The transition of consignments between two conventions covering the international rail transport (CIM/SMGS - issuing new railwaybills),

  • Neutralisation of commercial documents,

  • Storing in bonded warehouse

  • Suplementary services as: reweighing, sorting, sampling, splitting ...

The headoffice of the company and main warehouse are located in the area of border crossing between Slovak republic and Ukraine at Cierna nad Tisou/Chop, in the v village Pribenik. The warehouse facility in Pribenik is offering safe storing in a new building of 5.400 sqm or on open area of 7.000 sqm.

The warehouse is able to receipt and dispatch consignments by rail (own rail siding of narrow gauge) or by trucks. Skilled warehouse personel have experience in handling consignments of high value goods as: non-ferrous metals, cotton, rubber, tyres, and automotive spare parts...

Branch offices of the company are operating in:

  1. Haniska by Kosice - headstation of broad gauge railway, which is running from border crossing Uzgorod/Matovce)

  2. Bratislava - responsible for marketing activities and contact place for partners abroad

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